Methoxmetamine (MXM)

Methoxmetamine (or MXM) is a new dissassociative research chemical that has lately hit the market. Apparently, this is a new replacement for MXE. It’s genesis is fairly amusing.

The furthest back I’ve been able to trace this chemical is when Reddit user poppermachine originally posted a thread in /r/darkmarkets titled “I need people to do free drugs for science (MXE users look)” offering up free samples of a new compound to users.

“Threshold effects noted with doses in the 5-10mg range, but placebo can not be ruled out.

Doses in the 20-25mg range produced definite ++ effects: slight degradation of motor coordination and a mild dissociative stimulation began around 30m and started to taper off somewhere between 60-90min.

A dose of 60mg produced +++ effects which rose quickly to a plateau between 60-90min. The body felt heavy, whereas with MXE the body feels light. The mind seemed to quiet and turn inward. The environment took on a shimmering quality reminiscent of low dose LSD, but more dim as if seen through a haze. It is hard to say from the one trial at this level, but with eyes closed I sensed rather than saw geometric patterns and shapes which somehow still seemed more concrete compared to the ethereal visions produced by MXE. However, this aspect of the experience requires further investigation.”



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